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Counselor in Training

Welcome to our Counselor in Training program… or as we call it “C.I.T.”, which was designed for young adults entering the 10th or 11th grade at the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds. Here is your chance to learn and work with children under the guidance of our camp professionals. After successful completion of the interview process and the C.I.T. training course, you will be eligible to work in our Junior Camp, where you will receive on-the-job-training. The rewards of working with children will become clear once you experience a day where a young child turns to you for help. While the C.I.T. program offers a wonderful training experience in working with children, it also features special trips including a full day trip to Splish Splash and Six Flags Great Adventure with other C.I.T.’s and our Teen Travel Program.

Successful completion of the C.I.T. Program, along with positive detailed evaluations, could lead to future employment opportunities in our year round programs. Paid positions are assigned based on the needs of the agency.

2018 Camp Program Registration Fee Full Session
6/28 - 8/17
Session 1 or 2
6/28 - 7/24 or 7/25 - 8/17
Session 3
6/28 - 8/3
Counselor in Training
entering 10th & 11th grade

$190 first child

$80 each add’l child

$1400 N/A N/A

All Counselors in Training must attend the full summer of camp. Interview is required prior to registration.

Call the camp office to set-up an appointment.

For more information about the C.I.T. Program, please contact the Camp Team

Andy Gavora


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