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Robin Topol

Director, Special Services

Robin Topol has been the Director of Special Services for over 20 years. Many of our children with special needs begin programming with us at a very early age, so we are able to see them grow from a shy child in kindergarten, to young men and women who graduate at age 21. One of my favorite memories from many years ago is when our bus drivers became our best friends and became part of our camp. One day, we had “dress in your favorite character day”, one of the drivers named Lisa got dressed up as Princess Leah from Star Wars. Her costume was perfect from her hairdo down to her shoes. The whole day she kept up the persona of her character. The children and the staff loved having our drivers participate in our weekly themes. This isn’t just a place to spend the day, this is a place to be with people who care about you, and want the very best for you. Our children know that they are with family when they are here at Samuel Field Y. Many staff stay for a very long time because they sincerely love the children, and know that they are making a positive difference in their lives. I was only supposed to work here for one year, but I am here for 24. There are hundreds of reasons for this, but it would be too long to name all of the children that we have helped. I am glad that I am able to make a positive difference in so many lives. Thank you Sam Field for making a difference in mine.

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