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One of the things we are most proud of at the Samuel Field Y Day Camp, are the incredible and lasting relationships we have with all who attend, experience and participate. Once you walk through our doors, you become part of our family.

Please read what people are saying and feeling about their own personal experience at the Samuel Field Y Day Camp.

If you are (or were!) a camper, parent or staff member and would like to contribute to our Testimonial page, please submit your own thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you.

Parent Experiences

Michelle Schaefer

When my oldest daughter was young, I tried out a number of local day camps which all left me and her dissatisfied. In 1999 we decided to give day camp at the Samuel Field Y a try. Since I was weary from my previous experiences, we registered for one month. By the time midsummer rolled around we extended to the 2 month session. Since then I have sent all three of my children to the Y, my youngest still attends and my 2 older daughters work at camp each year. The staff is extremely dedicated and committed to providing a fun safe environment for all children. I love that the camp provides a variety of activities and was an excuse for my children to be outdoors all summer long. The 4 and 5 day trips are an awesome experience that I wish I had when I was younger.

Andrew Kirschner

Summer is the most wonderful time of year for my kids. A big part of that is camp with the Samuel Field Y. The Samuel Field Y Day Camp has been a wonderful experience for all three of my children. All of them talk about their camp friends and memories year round. Camp brings them unique, exciting experiences that they love and look forward to. In fact, my wife and I can’t wait to send them. We have almost as much fun watching them as they do experiencing it. (It doesn’t hurt that they come home exhausted—but after all they come home exhausted and happy!)

SFY camp has inventive activities, sports, swimming, and much more. Every day there is something going on, be it a novelty activity or a trip. Near the end of the summer, there is the Maccabiah, the color-coded camp-wide Olympics event. Not all of my kids are at all athletically inclined, but all love it and get a lot out of it. The SFY’s staff is wonderful. They’re attuned to each kid’s unique needs, and have been a part of our support system. In fact we’ve even gotten a couple of babysitters from the SFY’s counselors. Our children love the SFY camp and so do we. We have been lucky to send our kids every summer.

Meryl Gorochow

Hannah has been coming to the Y day camp since was Three years old. The first summer she spent in the building and they after that she has been going to the camp grounds in Huntington. Every summer she loves camp. As a parent I think the reason that I picked your camp was because when I about Hannah's age I also went to the Y camp. I had the most wonderful time. She has learned to swim and also loves all of the other activities that go on all day. I think the most important part of the summer is the overnights.

Camper Experiences

Jayden (age 6)

I loved the pool. I also loved the snacks, and I had fun when we played sports. I love my counselors.

Antonio (age 12)

I like the long trips, and being able to leave New York and see new places. Last year’s Washington trip was awesome, the Spy museum was amazing, I got to be a spy for a day! The counselors are cool and I like being able to meet kids that I wouldn’t be in school with. The food is really good.

Maddy (age 9)

I first started coming to camp at the Samuel Field Y when I was in Nursery. My first day at camp I was afraid that I wasn’t going to make any friends, then by my second day I had so much fun and made new friends I had never met before. As I got older I began junior camp and each year I looked forward to camp. When I heard that we were going to Adventureland I got so excited. I love the rides and the games. At the middle of the summer I went from being a red level swimmer to a higher blue level. Then everyone told me about the black level which is the highest where you need to tread water for a minute, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I did and was able to go on the banana boat. This summer I couldn’t be more excited!

Staff Experiences

Perri Taxin

I like working camp because I have had the same kids year to year and have been able to watch them grow and mature. I plan on becoming a teacher so helping kids is directly related to my career field. As a first job, this is a very good experience to help prepare me for teaching. I was a camper here when I was younger, and this place is like my second home so working here came naturally to me.

Anthony Garcia

Working at camp is a good chance to be part of the outdoors and to be a part of something bigger than myself. My favorite part of working here is forming relationships between me and the campers.

Alexa Baron

I started at the Samuel Field Y as a camper when I was in 6th grade. My favorite part of camp was the long trips, now as a staff member for 6 years, I have come full circle and it is so rewarding to see my campers experiencing the same things I did. I hope that one day my campers will become counselors and see camp from a whole new perspective.

Tamar Adams

I really liked the different activities that we did every day, trips were the best part. I really enjoyed building relationships with my co-workers which made working a lot more fun; I also had a lot of fun with my supervisor. The overnight reinforced these friendships. I learned a lot of things by working with children with special needs. It taught me patience and I was able to connect with each kid and learn about their personalities. I was very fortunate to spend the summer working outdoors rather than being stuck inside. Doing a bus run enabled me to meet the parents and make connections.

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